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Domestic courier service in India

What is Reverse Logistics?

In the express delivery industry, Reverse Logistics is a term used to describe all operations associated with the reuse of products and materials. It can be defined as the process of planning, executing and monitoring the cost-effective and efficient flow of raw materials, inventory, finished products and information related to them such as point of origin and destination. Simply put, reverse logistics is the process of transporting goods from their final destination. This is done for the purpose of proper disposal for for capturing value.
The process of reverse logistics includes the management and sale of excess goods or returned products and shipments. Traditional logistics deals with the process that brings a shipment to the customer. However, in the case of reverse logistics, the product goes back at least one step back in the entire supply chain, that is, product moves from the customer to the distributor or manufacturer. Reverse logistics comes into the picture after the sale of the product. If the product is found to be flawed, the customer has the right to return it. On return, the entire process and management involved in getting the product back is called reverse logistics. This flow includes the shipping of the defective goods, testing it, fixing the defects if possible followed by disposal or recycling. The product travels in reverse via the same supply chain network.

Importance of Reverse Logistics in the eCommerce Industry

In the eCommerce industry, the process of reverse logistics presents a massive operational challenge. This is due to the huge volume and costs of processing returned items. If reverse logistics is handled effectively, it leads to increased customer delight, reduced resource investments, decreased storage costs and distribution expenses. The number of returned goods that travel back the supply chain is much more than what people usually imagine. Studies indicate that the actual cost of transporting returned items can be as much as 5 percent of the total revenue. Some industries like catalogue retail, book publishing, greeting cards see an astonishing number of returns. Reverse logistics quality management and costs are something that cannot be overlooked by eCommerce companies as it helps to manage customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

TCI-XPS is a leading national and international express delivery service provided that also specializes in Reverse Logistics. It’s parent company is Group TCI which is valued at USD 400 million. TCI-XPS has a superior reverse logistic process in place that is efficient and cost-effective.

Logistics Companies in IndiaThe express delivery service companies, like other companies in the service industry, have acclimatized to the constantly changing needs of the business world. They have adapted to customer demands and requirements quickly and not only expanded their range of services but also ensured improvement in quality levels.
The rapid rise of online shopping, eCommerce websites and apps has made the express delivery service providers more competitive. They are scrambling to make their services better than the rest. With customer satisfaction as their priority, these companies are constantly trying to enhance their efficiency and performance.

Express Delivery Service Benefits

There is no doubt that the advent of eCommerce has given a tremendous boost to the express package delivery vendors. These days, most companies that deal with timely delivery of consignments get into a partnership with an express delivery vendor to obtain strategic business advantages. Some of the benefits that these companies enjoy due to the presence of an efficient delivery service partner are described as follows:

Efficient Stock Management – Since express transportation companies assure reliable and timely delivery of packages and other heavy components, businesses such as Manufacturing can afford to keep lower levels of stock, which in turn reduces operating as well as storage costs. This is an enormous advantage for companies that deal in highly valued products that have a fast depreciation rate. Keeping an inventory of such kind of products can otherwise prove to be very expensive.

Delivery of Time-sensitive Shipments – It is a common occurrence for clients to need an urgent replacement for a defective product or even to need a particular product delivered within a very short time. Express delivery and transportation services come to the rescue in such situations. A lot of businesses all over the world heavily depend on these express courier services to cater to specific demands of clients, where time is of utmost importance. This helps to build the reputation of the business and assures client loyalty.

Widespread Global Reach – The services provided by express delivery companies have removed geographical borders and created a global business arena. These delivery services allow hi-tech companies to leverage the advantages of global sourcing and reach markets all over the world for their products and even ensure safe express delivery at reasonable prices. Thus big businesses can operate on an enormous scale when the distribution is taken care of by the express transportation vendors.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty and C-SAT – Timely and safe deliveries of products and packages increases customer satisfaction and the overall goodwill of the brand name. Every time a customer receives a product on time and in good condition, it creates a positive impression in the person’s mind about customer service and commitment of the company.

Thus, it is safe to say that express package delivery services have totally changed the world of business with its positive impact. It has led to the growth and rise of thousands of small and big businesses. The express delivery industry is bound to see better innovations and enhanced services in the future.

TCI-XPS is a leading express transportation and delivery services provider. It is a part of Group TCI, which is valued at $400 Million. TCI-XPS regularly deals with different express delivery requirements, whether domestic or international. It provides its customers with seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with an extensive network, which is one of a kind in the industry.

Package delivery company in IndiaA lot of big businesses depend upon the timely delivery of consignments, that too in good condition, to clients all over the world. If the delivery part of the system failed or faltered, it would have a highly adverse effect on these businesses. The current advanced age we live in, it is not possible to carry out business smoothly without the active participation of international transportation and courier delivery companies. International courier services impact global businesses in a major way. The following points discuss the significance of express delivery in the modern world.

They encourage competition – There are numerous internal courier service companies each trying to be better than the other, which has made the industry very competitive. Companies are constantly improving their customer service levels ensuring customer delight and loyalty. They have rigorous quality management processes in place to maintain their business credibility and customer base.

They reduce input costs – Thanks to international express delivery services, business managers can now procure high quality raw materials and inputs from any place in the world on time and at a reasonable price. Besides, this is extremely beneficial to businesses as it offers them tremendous flexibility. Businesses all over the world save millions of dollars by choosing an appropriate delivery service vendor, based on their specific requirements.

Their services lead to better stock management – Prompt and timely delivery by express delivery companies have ensured that businesses can keep minimum stock, which improves stock management and reduces business expenses. Moreover, a robust delivery service nullifies the risk of stock outage, which helps in seamless production cycles.

They handle returns and complaints better – A professional courier delivery service takes care of all business complaints and returns efficiently thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. An efficient approach towards customer convenience leads to ease of operations and promotes brand loyalty.


TCI-XPS is considered one of India’s leading international delivery service companies. Its parent company is Group TCI, which is estimated to be valued at approximately $400M. TCI-XPS is capable of handling diverse express transportation requirements both domestically and internationally. It offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with a widespread network, which is quite unmatched in the industry.

Package delivery company in India

The advent of express delivery and transportation has completely transformed the business world and taken it to a whole new level. These days most businesses that deal with time-sensitive shipments and deliverable services, rely heavily on express delivery service providers. Express transportation services have helped thousands of businesses across the world to improve their standard of services, which has led to greater customer satisfaction. On-time delivery of products in proper condition results in customer delight and builds loyalty towards a company.

Choosing the Right Vendor
Choosing the most suitable vendor is a major decision that companies have to make. It is a decision that must be taken carefully after taking into account all considerations, because an express transportation vendor almost acts as a partner who plays a significant role in the growth and success of the business. Some of the factors to be considered before finalising an express delivery service provider are as follows:

  • Pricing – The cost is obviously the basic deciding aspect. The vendor one chooses must be the most cost-effective for that particular business and must fulfil all delivery requirements.
  • Quality – Not only do the deliveries need to be on time but the products should be delivered in good, unspoilt condition. This enhances the overall customer experience. Customers should expect to receive their product as promised by the company without having to follow up or intervene.
  • Professionalism – Being cost-effective isn’t enough for an express transportation vendor, they also need to possess a professional approach. Before choosing a vendor one should find out the business practices being followed by them, how motivated their team is and also check their previous recognitions and certifications if any.
  • Geographic Limitations – One must ensure to check a vendor’s level of global reach before choosing one, especially if the company deals with customers scattered all over the world. It is always advisable to associate with a vendor that understands the concept of business scalability and is able to see the long term benefits.TCI-XPS
    TCI-XPS is one of the leaders in door-to-door express transportation and delivery services. It is a division of $400 Million USD Group TCI. TCI-XPS is equipped well to deal with the different express delivery requirements, whether domestic or international. It offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with a widespread network, which is unparalleled in the industry.
Handsome Delivery Man or Mover

Delivery man or mover resting with a stack of boxes. Full body isolated on white.

eCommerce has indeed taken the world by storm. While initially, global consumers were extremely hesitant in shopping online and in trusting a product that they could only see on their monitors or tab screens, yet over the past decade or so, they are more than comfortable with online shopping.

In fact eCommerce companies have begun to give traditional stores a run for their money. Yet not many of us understand that the business of online shopping is not limited to what we see on our screens. There is a great deal of offline physical action that takes place to enable this business.

Primary among these is the entire network of door-to-door deliveries that needs to be managed effectively for satisfying the customer base. A large number of courier and logistics companies have made the transition towards becoming Ecom delivery services vendors by adopting the following measures:

Adopting the dynamics of eCommerce: Any transportation vendor that wants to partner with eCommerce companies must first understand the many dynamics of this industry before stepping into it. The service quality levels are high and a vendor needs to raise its quality ethos before partnering with an online shopping company.

Fleet development for Ecom delivery services: The vehicle fleet is the lifeline of courier and transportation business. Depending upon the nature and quantum of merchandise being transported, the delivery vendor must update its fleet in terms of fitment and quantum. For specific forms of cargo like perishables, there may be a requirement of temperature-controlled trucks or vans.

Manpower sensitization: For Ecom delivery services, the courier company must obtain buy-in from the key personnel involved in managing the network. They must understand the sensitivity of timelines and safe deliveries in this business.

Specific functions like reverse logistics: The eCommerce industry has a huge and ongoing requirement for services such as reverse logistics, the dynamics of which are different from regular logistics. The door to door delivery vendor must be proficient enough to handle such specialized services.

Systems and processes for Ecom delivery services: Managing efficient time definite deliveries for eCommerce requires an overhaul and streamlining of internal processes. This may include measures for quality control and deploying certain IT tools to enhance system efficiencies.

India’s leading door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist – TCI-XPS – is a division of $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the time definite delivery requirements such as domestic courier and international courier services. The company offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with the widest branch network simply unmatched in the industry.

CHALLENGES FACED BY LOGISTICS & COURIER COMPANIESWith business scales and volumes going up the world over, courier companies are more in demand and newer ones are coming up at a fast pace. This is not surprising considering that the business world needs many courier companies to perform. Not just many, but in fact professional courier companies that are professional and efficient.

In this blog, we analyze the many ways in which a courier company can come up through the levels of efficiency and professionalism.

Set up strong KRAs: Set up an internal process with very specific KRAs and the same must be communicated to all business units of your company to implement. Clients are better able to trust vendors who have well development processes and strict quality parameters to work upon.

Enhance your human capital: Courier business, domestic or international, is a services business and depends heavily on the human capital running it. Invest in professional workshops for your key personnel to introduce them to global best practices in international courier. An aware and proficient workforce would be the driving force for your courier business.

Create a digital presence: Leverage the digital platforms of web and social media to enhance brand presence and loyalty. Being well connected on the social media brings your clients on a conversational platform and makes your business easy to relate to. An impressive digital presence can help you retain your existing clients as well as make new ones.

Obtain quality certifications: Nothing works better to create credibility in the business world than having the right certifications by your side. There are specific agencies that can guide you in updating your internal processes and in meeting the guidelines for this purpose. As you strive towards well-known international certifications, you also take your business to a higher level of professionalism.

Think beyond borders: Set up a milestone when you let your courier business cross the domestic borders to become global. Indeed this requires tremendous investment of time, efforts and money, yet going global presents fresh business opportunities allowing your business to expand to new horizons as an international courier services company.

India’s leading door-to-door Express Distribution SpecialistTCI-XPS – is a division of $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the diverse express delivery requirements such as domestic courier and international courier services. The company offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with the widest branch network simply unmatched in the industry.

Courier services in India,International Courier Services in IndiaWith several new online shopping websites coming up each day, all of them are trying to somehow differentiate over the other in terms of merchandise and service offering. The modern-day customer is a man in haste and he wants his merchandise delivered in minimal time.

Express Delivery companies have come to the rescue and greatly enabled online shopping websites to provide enhanced level of services.

Specifically suitable for certain products: Express delivery is a lifeline for certain products that need to be delivered the same or next business day. These include cakes and bouquets that are sent for special occasions. Very often, the request is made the same day or just one day before and the ‘wishes’ need to reach the recipient on the occasion date.

Second most common item that requires express delivery is medicines and perishable commodities like milk and vegetables.

Express delivery caters to the impulse: Items like mobiles and clothes are often purchased on impulse. In such cases, the customer insists for an express delivery despite no apparent urgency. Even in such cases, online shopping websites can go the extra mile in bringing a smile on the customer’s face.

In my own experience, it happened that I ordered a Google Nexus Tab after much deliberation and wanted the delivery on next day since it was my holiday. And when I actually received it on the desired day, my happiness was doubled as I could experience that on a holiday.

It brings more revenue: In many cases, the express delivery option is given on an extra premium. While clients take this option on a sense of impulse, it improves the profit margin for the providers.

Helps beat competition: In a scenario where most of the products are similar on major eCommerce websites with minimal variation in pricing, service differentiation is the way out to beat the competition. Options such as express or next day delivery help in creating instances of customer delight and build long term goodwill for the websites.

India’s leading door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist – TCI-XPS – is a division of $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the diverse express delivery requirements such as domestic courier and international courier services. The company offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with the widest branch network simply unmatched in the industry.

Just like any other service industry, the delivery business companies too have adapted to the ever changing requirements of the business world. Over time, they too have expanded the scope and quality levels of their services.

The growth of online shopping has especially created pressure among courier and package delivery companies to step up the curve of efficiency and performance. Ecommerce has provided an incredible boost to the package delivery industry especially in the space of express delivery.

Probably no other service has acted as such a strong catalyst to the growth of international business and trade as express delivery service. Innumerable companies have obtained strategic business benefits by partnering with high performing express delivery companies.

Delivery man or mover resting with a stack of boxes. Full body isolated on white.

Just-in-time stock management: With the assurance of timely and reliable spares and components, manufacturing companies can manage with lower stock levels which translate to lower operating cost. This leads to reduction in storage costs and also benefits in the purview of just-in-time management. This is a huge benefit for firms, whose products are typically high in value and have a relatively fast depreciation rate. Holding inventory of such products is otherwise very costly.

Shipment of time-sensitive goods: Express delivery and transportation is especially useful in instances when there is an urgent replacement required for a faulty product and when client commitments require the product to be delivered within one business day. Millions of companies around the world are depending on their express distribution vendors to build their reputation through prompt and timely deliveries that adhere to commitments.

Global border-less reach: Express distribution companies have truly erased global boundaries and have made the global business arena a reality. Express services allow high-tech firms to leverage the benefit of global sourcing, and to access markets for their products all over the world – still guaranteeing next-day/express delivery in most cases. For some firms, the majority of their business is outside their home country and express distribution allows them to operate on a truly global scale.

Improved goodwill and C-SAT: Delivering products on time has a direct impact on customer satisfaction indices and overall goodwill of the brand. Each time a consignment reaches the customer within the agreed time frame and in good shape, the customer registers the event as a positive instance of the company’s customer service and commitment.

The concept of express distribution has undoubtedly been a game changer in the world of business providing newer avenues of growth and customer satisfaction. We can look forward to even better innovations and service enhancement from the package delivery industry in the near future.

Among the express delivery companies making their mark, TCI-XPS is India’s leading Door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist. It is an arm of the $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the diverse express delivery requirements including domestic courier and international courier services.

While there are new courier and logistics companies coming up with time, there are only a few that have established their identity as preferred choice for the corporate world.

In this blog, we discuss the various factors that go into the making of a successful courier company.

Reliability: By all means, this is the single most critical factor that determines the success of a courier company. Each time, a consumer entrusts his consignment to a logistics company, there is a certain commitment that arises on the part of the vendor. To what extent this commitment is honoured, determines the reliability level of the company. And since the business world is highly connected via social media and other means, the word spreads very fast about which specific courier companies fulfill the benchmark in reliability. The single most important factor that determines reliability level is the meeting of time lines in package delivery. The next important factor is the care taken for the actual consignment in terms of the packaging and special handling it requires.

Value offering: Factors like price, time taken and the overall service level provided determine the value offering of a package delivery company in India. It is this value offering that acts as one of the vital factors that determines the credibility and success of a courier company.

Robust business processes: There is a network of business processes that collectively determine the effectiveness of a single chain of consignment delivery. It is this set of processes that ensure an element of accuracy in each single transaction of package delivery. While it does take investment of time, money and skill in deploying robust processes, they go a long way in ensuring quality in business operations and the subsequent establishment of quality and credibility.

Geographical reach: A courier company is expected to have a reach across multiple locations that may even extend beyond national boundaries. A widespread service network creates a high level of trust among the consumer base.

Package delivery company in India

Nature and quantum of fleet: Especially in case of high volume business logistics, one of the most critical factors is the level of fleet being maintained by the vendor. Established players in the field of logistics have a large base of self owned jet planes and ships apart from large transport trucks.

Customer focus: Just as proper sense of customer service is a key parameter for any service industry, the same holds true for reverse logistics companies as well. This element must be visible not just in the form of a business function but as an ethos that drives operations and customer contact centre.

Value addition and technology upgrades: No business is static and change is the name of the game. Logistics companies need to constantly need to upgrade themselves in tune with the advancement of technologies and global best practices in logistics.

CHALLENGES FACED BY LOGISTICS & COURIER COMPANIESWhile we may complain about our courier service, their prices and service delivery. The fact is that even the companies in the space of E com delivery, parcel delivery and express delivery face tremendous heat due to many challenges.

In this blog, we discuss some of these challenges. These problems often lead to increased cost of services, waste of time and poor service delivery.

People intensive industry: The courier and parcel delivery industry is extremely people intensive. This is especially true for the last mile deliveries. And the onus of maintaining service quality rests on these hundreds, or thousands, and at times millions of shoulders. So how do you ensure a common ethos of service delivery across this huge team size often spread over multiple locations of the globe? It is certainly not easy and the courier companies that rise above are the ones who take this challenge head on.

Typical requirements: Half the challenge of delivering a consignment is adjusting to the special care it requires during transit. The nature of consignment can vary considerably – from medicines to electronics and jewelry to perishable food products. It requires tremendous balance of man, machine and skill-set to safely deliver varied consignments to their right destinations.

Ever evolving technology: Technology is changing every other day. Competition drives the courier companies to regularly invest in evolving technologies to stay ahead of the competition. However, these changes require heavy investment and create need for new product training.

Customer demand: The customer requirements are getting more and more challenging with passing time and this creates a lot of pressure among parcel delivery and express delivery companies. While adhering to customer expectations, the vendors need to synergism various elements of their business such as HR, technology, customer contact, IT and infrastructure.

Competition and increasing overheads:  On the other hand, the courier companies are under  perpetual  pressure to provide time definite delivery at low prices due to high competition.  This is a  typical  situation  faced by most vendors in this industry.

Customer contact: When the client case is large, the quantum of customer handling via contact centers becomes a huge challenge. It requires perfect coordination with the operations crew that may be scattered across multiple locations. It also requires high end training for the customer contact agents to communicate effectively and gain the ability to portray an efficient face of the company.