Just like any other service industry, the delivery business companies too have adapted to the ever changing requirements of the business world. Over time, they too have expanded the scope and quality levels of their services.

The growth of online shopping has especially created pressure among courier and package delivery companies to step up the curve of efficiency and performance. Ecommerce has provided an incredible boost to the package delivery industry especially in the space of express delivery.

Probably no other service has acted as such a strong catalyst to the growth of international business and trade as express delivery service. Innumerable companies have obtained strategic business benefits by partnering with high performing express delivery companies.

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Just-in-time stock management: With the assurance of timely and reliable spares and components, manufacturing companies can manage with lower stock levels which translate to lower operating cost. This leads to reduction in storage costs and also benefits in the purview of just-in-time management. This is a huge benefit for firms, whose products are typically high in value and have a relatively fast depreciation rate. Holding inventory of such products is otherwise very costly.

Shipment of time-sensitive goods: Express delivery and transportation is especially useful in instances when there is an urgent replacement required for a faulty product and when client commitments require the product to be delivered within one business day. Millions of companies around the world are depending on their express distribution vendors to build their reputation through prompt and timely deliveries that adhere to commitments.

Global border-less reach: Express distribution companies have truly erased global boundaries and have made the global business arena a reality. Express services allow high-tech firms to leverage the benefit of global sourcing, and to access markets for their products all over the world – still guaranteeing next-day/express delivery in most cases. For some firms, the majority of their business is outside their home country and express distribution allows them to operate on a truly global scale.

Improved goodwill and C-SAT: Delivering products on time has a direct impact on customer satisfaction indices and overall goodwill of the brand. Each time a consignment reaches the customer within the agreed time frame and in good shape, the customer registers the event as a positive instance of the company’s customer service and commitment.

The concept of express distribution has undoubtedly been a game changer in the world of business providing newer avenues of growth and customer satisfaction. We can look forward to even better innovations and service enhancement from the package delivery industry in the near future.

Among the express delivery companies making their mark, TCI-XPS is India’s leading Door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist. It is an arm of the $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the diverse express delivery requirements including domestic courier and international courier services.

What started as a service being used by selective clients has today become an essential offering on which virtually the entire business world depends. Can you ever imagine a world where we can manage without courier or logistics companies for even a day? So crucial is the role played by courier companies.

There are many ways in which courier service can be viewed as being indispensable for the ‘world of business’ and the ‘world in general’ to survive.

An alternative to postal service: The advent of courier companies came as a refreshing break for business managers that were disgruntled with the government-led postal service. They were facing a situation where the service levels required by them simply could not be matched by postal services. Since they are mostly state owned and managed, postal services are often characteristic of delays and inefficiencies.

Speed of delivery: With the advent of concepts like express delivery and next day delivery, the courier service has come up the value curve and holds tremendous promise for time-sensitive business deliveries. In fact, the speed of delivery was one of the key pedestals on which the courier industry came into being.

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Delivers more than just letters: While in the beginning indeed it was purely letters and documents, today all kinds of things are sent through courier barring a few exceptions. Many export firms, for instance, courier their samples to overseas clients and buyers. Important products like SIM cards are being frequently sent to customers through courier.

E-Commerce: The entire online shopping depends on the courier and package delivery companies. All kinds of products ranging from mobile phones to large printers are being sent directly to customers’ homes. In fact, it is the online commerce industry that has given the biggest impetus to the logistics industry due to its high demands and requirements. There are online grocery stores offering door to door deliveries and you can get a high end smartphone delivered to you the very next day after your order. It has been researched that the success of major online shopping websites has been dependent on their logistics arms that enable their efficient deliveries. A customer’s experience in online shopping is not complete until the merchandise actually reaches his/her hands.

Security and accountability: More often than not, every merchandise being sent is precious either in monetary value or in the sense of its timeliness. From this angle, courier industry gave the much required assurance of security and accountability. Business managers are able to track their consignments at any time and reasonably expect a time-bound delivery.

While there are new courier and logistics companies coming up with time, there are only a few that have established their identity as preferred choice for the corporate world.

In this blog, we discuss the various factors that go into the making of a successful courier company.

Reliability: By all means, this is the single most critical factor that determines the success of a courier company. Each time, a consumer entrusts his consignment to a logistics company, there is a certain commitment that arises on the part of the vendor. To what extent this commitment is honoured, determines the reliability level of the company. And since the business world is highly connected via social media and other means, the word spreads very fast about which specific courier companies fulfill the benchmark in reliability. The single most important factor that determines reliability level is the meeting of time lines in package delivery. The next important factor is the care taken for the actual consignment in terms of the packaging and special handling it requires.

Value offering: Factors like price, time taken and the overall service level provided determine the value offering of a package delivery company in India. It is this value offering that acts as one of the vital factors that determines the credibility and success of a courier company.

Robust business processes: There is a network of business processes that collectively determine the effectiveness of a single chain of consignment delivery. It is this set of processes that ensure an element of accuracy in each single transaction of package delivery. While it does take investment of time, money and skill in deploying robust processes, they go a long way in ensuring quality in business operations and the subsequent establishment of quality and credibility.

Geographical reach: A courier company is expected to have a reach across multiple locations that may even extend beyond national boundaries. A widespread service network creates a high level of trust among the consumer base.

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Nature and quantum of fleet: Especially in case of high volume business logistics, one of the most critical factors is the level of fleet being maintained by the vendor. Established players in the field of logistics have a large base of self owned jet planes and ships apart from large transport trucks.

Customer focus: Just as proper sense of customer service is a key parameter for any service industry, the same holds true for reverse logistics companies as well. This element must be visible not just in the form of a business function but as an ethos that drives operations and customer contact centre.

Value addition and technology upgrades: No business is static and change is the name of the game. Logistics companies need to constantly need to upgrade themselves in tune with the advancement of technologies and global best practices in logistics.

CHALLENGES FACED BY LOGISTICS & COURIER COMPANIESWhile we may complain about our courier service, their prices and service delivery. The fact is that even the companies in the space of E com delivery, parcel delivery and express delivery face tremendous heat due to many challenges.

In this blog, we discuss some of these challenges. These problems often lead to increased cost of services, waste of time and poor service delivery.

People intensive industry: The courier and parcel delivery industry is extremely people intensive. This is especially true for the last mile deliveries. And the onus of maintaining service quality rests on these hundreds, or thousands, and at times millions of shoulders. So how do you ensure a common ethos of service delivery across this huge team size often spread over multiple locations of the globe? It is certainly not easy and the courier companies that rise above are the ones who take this challenge head on.

Typical requirements: Half the challenge of delivering a consignment is adjusting to the special care it requires during transit. The nature of consignment can vary considerably – from medicines to electronics and jewelry to perishable food products. It requires tremendous balance of man, machine and skill-set to safely deliver varied consignments to their right destinations.

Ever evolving technology: Technology is changing every other day. Competition drives the courier companies to regularly invest in evolving technologies to stay ahead of the competition. However, these changes require heavy investment and create need for new product training.

Customer demand: The customer requirements are getting more and more challenging with passing time and this creates a lot of pressure among parcel delivery and express delivery companies. While adhering to customer expectations, the vendors need to synergism various elements of their business such as HR, technology, customer contact, IT and infrastructure.

Competition and increasing overheads:  On the other hand, the courier companies are under  perpetual  pressure to provide time definite delivery at low prices due to high competition.  This is a  typical  situation  faced by most vendors in this industry.

Customer contact: When the client case is large, the quantum of customer handling via contact centers becomes a huge challenge. It requires perfect coordination with the operations crew that may be scattered across multiple locations. It also requires high end training for the customer contact agents to communicate effectively and gain the ability to portray an efficient face of the company.

The competition in the courier services industry is ever increasing. This scenario is favourable for the end customers as the increase in competition creates more pressure on the vendors to offer better quality services.

Let us try to discuss a few ways through which courier and parcel delivery companies can enhance their customer service levels and offer improved product portfolio:

Safety: First and foremost, the customers demand and expect the safety of their consignment that is being sent. The material in the consignment needs to reach the intended recipient in good condition. This is the base expectation that a customer has while engaging a courier company.

Timeliness: The second most important expectation is adherence to the agreed time commitment. Majority of the parcels sent through courier companies are required to be sent on priority and within minimal time frames.

Express delivery: Most progressive courier companies are adopting the express delivery service model. Under this approach, the company charges a certain surcharge to deliver the consignment on priority. The timeline could be same day or the next business day. The express delivery service is very popular in online retail and especially in case of financial documents and bouquet delivery.

Tracking: Customers are often concerned about the exact status of their package. For this reason, it is important for the vendor to establish a “Track Consignment” functionality so that the customers are able to know in real time about the delivery status.


Special handling: The type and nature of consignment can vary at any time depending upon the customer type and situation. The package delivery company needs to be proficient enough to adapt itself to the any kind of product being delivered. At times, the product will require special handling and packaging. Then the question is that does the vendor have the expertise to handle diverse types of products and consignments? If the answer is yes, such vendors are able to demand higher levels of respect and credibility in the market.

Customer contact: Last but not the least, the quality of interaction provided by company contact centers also indicates the professional readiness of the courier company. There are many instances when a client needs to seek information for a package yet to be delivered or already booked. How well this interaction is handled affects the client satisfaction to a great level. It is important that the customer service agent communicates well and resolves all queries of the customer.

Trade and commerce in the world has depended on goods transportation and logistics since centuries. Even thousands of years ago, there used to be elaborate systems in place for the transit of goods from one part of the world to another through large boats and ships. That is how spices from India reached as far as Egypt and fine chinaware reached from China to other parts of the world.It is interesting to note that some fundamentals have not changed even across centuries when it comes to logistics services. For instance, there is this extreme dependency of business houses and investors who send their expensive merchandise through providers of logistics services. Secondly, there is a high level of risk undertaken by the vendors or providers.

What has however changed is the fact that there are far better transportation facilities and due to the economies of large scale, such services are within the reach even of smaller businesses and common man.

In fact, the most dynamic evolution of logistics services and express courier companies has been in terms of the service levels and customer service that they offer. Advanced technology and modern transportation systems have almost removed the risk from large distance logistics and have enabled providers to provide assured deliveries and timelines.

Logistics Companies in IndiaThis in turn has allowed businesses to be more confident of their merchandise reaching their consumers in good condition and within agreed time frames. Established vendors now have elaborate customer contact systems to provide real time status and updates on the package deliveries. This aspect has proved as a game changer for modern day businesses that sustain on keeping time commitments for their deliverables. Their trust on their courier and logistics vendors is further reflected in the trust that their consumers instill in their brand.

A key reason for this evolution is the sheer size and quantum of merchandise going to and fro across the world each day. Thousands of freight ships transport merchandise worth billions of dollars each day in the form of large containers. Similarly, a large amount of goods travel from one part of the world to another through large transport jets. While on a smaller scale, a great deal of express courier activity takes place within cities and states through general road transport providing convenience and benefit to millions of consumers the world over.There is a bright future ahead for the courier and logistics industry.

Try observing how many important documents and packages are delivered to you during any given week safely and securely. This may include your online shopping products, phone bills, credit card statements and the like. It is interesting how we tend to take this for granted while an entire massive framework works in the background to deliver to us what matters so much.

Ever since the courier companies and package delivery companies came into being to replace the conventional postal services, business standards and consumer expectations have increased for good. In today’s scenario we take timeliness and product safety as given factors especially when we deal with reputed brands.

Let us understand the different types of services provided by courier companies. In the B2B sphere, they offer sea transit, air transit and surface transport facilities. These services are typically utilized by large and medium size manufacturing and distribution companies that transport their goods in the form of large containers. These containers may contain merchandise ranging from locomotives, engineering machinery and cars to consumer appliances and other industrial goods.

Fast Door To Door Domestic Courier Services Companies in IndiaSurface logistics cater to regular products like day to day packages like documents, electronic goods, FMCG and IT products. A major segment within surface logistics is the massive online shopping industry that forms a major chunk in practically every country of the world. In fact, it is the online shopping industry that has triggered the massive impetus to the concept of efficient door to door delivery.

Online shopping or eCommerce as we call it, practically began a new era of efficient door to door package delivery services. This is one industry that practically rides on the efficiency and efficacy of Door to door package Delivery services. Customer satisfaction in the online industry depends on just on the product quality, but also on the quality of packaging and timely delivery.

Modern business dynamics have also provided impetus to Express Distribution Service companies. These are companies that cater to urgent demands of business deliveries like next business day or 2 day express service. Express service has become very popular due to the requirement of urgent communication material like PIN numbers, ATM cards and the like.

Any courier company of reasonable size and repute today offers a complete mix of package delivery services. This benefits business clients of diverse sizes and requirements. Whatever be your courier requirement, you can surely find a suitable vendor to fulfill the same.

While it is seldom realized, courier companies and package delivery companies play a vital role in driving the economy. There was a time, when even the postal service was in its infancy. Then gradually it became professional and its network grew on a vast scale. Soon it became an indispensable support to the world of business.

However, it had its own limitations. Primary, the postal services in most countries are state owned. As a result, they suffered from lack of accountability and professionalism. Moreover, they were not able to provide the service dynamism and service differentiation that the business demands today.

This inherent weakness in postal services came as an opportunity for private courier companies. Some of them grew on almost a similar scale as a national postal service with their own fleet of land vehicles, transport jets and ships.

Among the industries that have been major clients for internal courier companies and package delivery companies is the banking industry. Across the last few decades, the service levels of banking industry have risen sharply. Today, this industry is duty-bound to deliver various consignments like cheque books, drafts, statements and credit cards to its customers in a safe and secure manner and within the committed time frame. In fact so critical is the role of time definite delivery companies, that the goodwill of banking companies depends a great deal upon their service levels.International Courier Services in India

In fact, this brings us to another important factor for this transition from conventional postal service to internal courier service. The latter is more enabled to form B2B liaisons and adhere to the committed SLAs. This aspect was traditionally missing from state owned postal services.

Another such industry is the telecom industry. Just imagine if you would have to wait for a few days to get your replacement SIM card. In today’s time, you can get the same delivered to your doorstep almost the very next day as long as you are residing in a major city.

However, if there is one industry that has given the most major boost to the trend of international courier services, it is online commerce. This is one industry that virtually sustains on the support provided by package delivery and eCom delivery services. In countries like India, for example, these two industries have grown together and have provided a service level wherein merchandise gets delivered the very next business day.

Along with the popularity and massive rise of online commerce, it is the package delivery industry that has grown in terms of professionalism and quality levels.

The current volume of online commerce happening today was unthinkable a decade earlier. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this massive success of eCommerce. Among these factors are efficient and robust door to-door delivery services that form the very backbone of online shopping concept.

A transaction on an online shopping website is not complete even when the merchandise reaches the customer premises. There are chances that he may not be fully satisfied with the quality received and may wish to return the same. Going further, this may need to be exchanged and so fresh merchandise will need to be delivered.

At each such point of customer service, the online portal depends on the service level provided by the third party logistics agency. This experience provided by the logistics provider can determine the success of the online portal to quite an extent.

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The important point here is that for the customer, all these services are represented by the online portal itself. Therefore each point of experience including delivery, pick up and exchange has a direct bearing on the goodwill and reputation of the online shopping website. This illustrates the high importance of the close coordination required between the logistics provider and the online retailer.

The sensitivity and importance of door to-door delivery services within the purview of eCommerce has led to an evolution of a new breed of professional logistics providers that have the expertise and capability to deliver high level of efficiencies. It depends on various factors like the manpower quality, IT backbone and the fleet quantum available to the logistics agency. It depends on the level of professionalism that how well the third party logistics provider can synergize with the overall service delivery of the online shopping website.

The road ahead seems all the more promising for this industry as they will continue to grow just as rapidly as the eCommerce industry. They are interlinked very closely and offer a collective service experience. The good part is that even other industries like banking and telecom also have a strong dependence on third party Courier & Logistics service providers. In these industries as well, the service commitments are very high and both parties need to work with great synergy to make sure that commitments are fulfilled and service levels are kept high. The future holds great promise for the delivery service companies and they can look forward to growing qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

There was a time not so long ago when people used to rely on postal services while courier services were engaged only for high priority services and deliveries. However, as time went by, the trust on postal services started reducing. Slowly and steadily, courier companies started expanding their portfolio and service levels.

While initially there was a hesitation of high cost from the perspective of engaging courier services specifically in developing countries like India, very soon consumers realized the business advantage and value that courier companies offer. Another important factor that added to this trend was the economies of large scale. When a large consumer base began engaging the services of courier companies, those companies were able to lower their affective costs and offer affordable prices to consumers.

The rise of online retail companies has also provided a huge impetus to courier companies. This is one industry that cannot sustain itself without the support of surface logistic companies. In fact, these are companies that also provide value–added services like reverse logistics and pick-up services to online retailers. These are services that have become essential to the business of online retail companies.

International Courier Services in India,Courier services in India

The key reason why consumers are willing to pay a premium for engaging consumer companies is the promise of reliability and accountability that they offer. In fact, large courier companies have established a huge network including their own transport jets and a huge truck fleet. This creates a high level of confidence in the minds of consumers as they know they are dealing with a company that has a large established network. Such companies have a goodwill that even surpasses that of Government postal services.

The advancement of logistics companies has come as a boon for service based sectors like banking and telecom. It would have been unthinkable for them to provide documents like bills, debit cards, statements, pin numbers etc to consumers on time without the support of courier companies.

Accountability is a key advantage offered by courier services in India. With some of them being available online, consumers are able to track their packages with accuracy and peace of mind. Their contact centers are also able to address consumer queries and hence provide high customer service. It is indeed unthinkable for the modern world to sustain without the support of effective and efficient logistic companies. We can surely look forward to even better qualitative improvement in the services offered by courier and logistic companies.