How Global Economy is Affected by International Courier Service Providers

Posted: December 18, 2015 in courier services, Express delivery services
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Package delivery company in IndiaA lot of big businesses depend upon the timely delivery of consignments, that too in good condition, to clients all over the world. If the delivery part of the system failed or faltered, it would have a highly adverse effect on these businesses. The current advanced age we live in, it is not possible to carry out business smoothly without the active participation of international transportation and courier delivery companies. International courier services impact global businesses in a major way. The following points discuss the significance of express delivery in the modern world.

They encourage competition – There are numerous internal courier service companies each trying to be better than the other, which has made the industry very competitive. Companies are constantly improving their customer service levels ensuring customer delight and loyalty. They have rigorous quality management processes in place to maintain their business credibility and customer base.

They reduce input costs – Thanks to international express delivery services, business managers can now procure high quality raw materials and inputs from any place in the world on time and at a reasonable price. Besides, this is extremely beneficial to businesses as it offers them tremendous flexibility. Businesses all over the world save millions of dollars by choosing an appropriate delivery service vendor, based on their specific requirements.

Their services lead to better stock management – Prompt and timely delivery by express delivery companies have ensured that businesses can keep minimum stock, which improves stock management and reduces business expenses. Moreover, a robust delivery service nullifies the risk of stock outage, which helps in seamless production cycles.

They handle returns and complaints better – A professional courier delivery service takes care of all business complaints and returns efficiently thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. An efficient approach towards customer convenience leads to ease of operations and promotes brand loyalty.


TCI-XPS is considered one of India’s leading international delivery service companies. Its parent company is Group TCI, which is estimated to be valued at approximately $400M. TCI-XPS is capable of handling diverse express transportation requirements both domestically and internationally. It offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with a widespread network, which is quite unmatched in the industry.

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