Handsome Delivery Man or Mover

Delivery man or mover resting with a stack of boxes. Full body isolated on white.

eCommerce has indeed taken the world by storm. While initially, global consumers were extremely hesitant in shopping online and in trusting a product that they could only see on their monitors or tab screens, yet over the past decade or so, they are more than comfortable with online shopping.

In fact eCommerce companies have begun to give traditional stores a run for their money. Yet not many of us understand that the business of online shopping is not limited to what we see on our screens. There is a great deal of offline physical action that takes place to enable this business.

Primary among these is the entire network of door-to-door deliveries that needs to be managed effectively for satisfying the customer base. A large number of courier and logistics companies have made the transition towards becoming Ecom delivery services vendors by adopting the following measures:

Adopting the dynamics of eCommerce: Any transportation vendor that wants to partner with eCommerce companies must first understand the many dynamics of this industry before stepping into it. The service quality levels are high and a vendor needs to raise its quality ethos before partnering with an online shopping company.

Fleet development for Ecom delivery services: The vehicle fleet is the lifeline of courier and transportation business. Depending upon the nature and quantum of merchandise being transported, the delivery vendor must update its fleet in terms of fitment and quantum. For specific forms of cargo like perishables, there may be a requirement of temperature-controlled trucks or vans.

Manpower sensitization: For Ecom delivery services, the courier company must obtain buy-in from the key personnel involved in managing the network. They must understand the sensitivity of timelines and safe deliveries in this business.

Specific functions like reverse logistics: The eCommerce industry has a huge and ongoing requirement for services such as reverse logistics, the dynamics of which are different from regular logistics. The door to door delivery vendor must be proficient enough to handle such specialized services.

Systems and processes for Ecom delivery services: Managing efficient time definite deliveries for eCommerce requires an overhaul and streamlining of internal processes. This may include measures for quality control and deploying certain IT tools to enhance system efficiencies.

India’s leading door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist – TCI-XPS – is a division of $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the time definite delivery requirements such as domestic courier and international courier services. The company offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with the widest branch network simply unmatched in the industry.

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