Logistics Companies in IndiaBy their very essence, tertiary industries like courier and door to door delivery provide support and value to key industries. More so, via their value-added offerings like express distribution, businesses have obtained tremendous benefits.

Direct benefits of express deliveries

  • Door to door delivery industry grows in direct proportion to the overall economic growth. As a result, many new companies have entered this business segment recently leading to tremendous growth in employment. In 2009, the express distribution industry had an employment base of around 1.3 million staff worldwide – around a third more than the petroleum refinery industry. The express industry also supports a total of 2.75 million jobs worldwide through indirect employment. In 2008, the express industry made a direct contribution to world GDP of US$80 billion, close to that of the shipbuilding industry.*
  • The high value of goods transported by the industry translates to a high contribution to national GDP as well as higher governmental taxes. In this manner, the express industry is a key contributor towards economic growth as well as state welfare measures.

Indirect benefits of express deliveries

  • By enabling next day deliveries, express transportation companies have allowed businesses to take their service levels to an entirely high level. They are better able to fulfill their commitments and set higher benchmarks. They can retain existing customers as well as attract new ones with enhanced service levels. By ensuring quality management across the various consignments delivered, businesses are able to maintain/enhance brand loyalty and business credibility.
  • With better management of tools like express delivery, businesses can gain a unique competitive edge and go the extra mile in ensuring customer delight.
  • The door to door delivery industry form an important base for the success of online shopping. It has acted as a catalyst towards the magnificent growth of online shopping across the world.
  • With the assurance of being able to receive production inputs in short time and with assured timelines, production houses are able to manage with lower reorder levels leading to more efficient stock management and lower input costs. Further more, a robust courier system removes the risk of stock outage leading to seamless production cycles.

India’s leading door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist, TCI-XPS is a division of INR 20 Billion (Approx. $ 400 Million USD) GROUP TCI and is well positioned to handle the diverse express delivery requirements including domestic courier and international courier services. Ever since its inception, the company has supported many businesses across the globe by offering efficient courier and distribution services.


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