Courier services in India,International Courier Services in IndiaWith several new online shopping websites coming up each day, all of them are trying to somehow differentiate over the other in terms of merchandise and service offering. The modern-day customer is a man in haste and he wants his merchandise delivered in minimal time.

Express Delivery companies have come to the rescue and greatly enabled online shopping websites to provide enhanced level of services.

Specifically suitable for certain products: Express delivery is a lifeline for certain products that need to be delivered the same or next business day. These include cakes and bouquets that are sent for special occasions. Very often, the request is made the same day or just one day before and the ‘wishes’ need to reach the recipient on the occasion date.

Second most common item that requires express delivery is medicines and perishable commodities like milk and vegetables.

Express delivery caters to the impulse: Items like mobiles and clothes are often purchased on impulse. In such cases, the customer insists for an express delivery despite no apparent urgency. Even in such cases, online shopping websites can go the extra mile in bringing a smile on the customer’s face.

In my own experience, it happened that I ordered a Google Nexus Tab after much deliberation and wanted the delivery on next day since it was my holiday. And when I actually received it on the desired day, my happiness was doubled as I could experience that on a holiday.

It brings more revenue: In many cases, the express delivery option is given on an extra premium. While clients take this option on a sense of impulse, it improves the profit margin for the providers.

Helps beat competition: In a scenario where most of the products are similar on major eCommerce websites with minimal variation in pricing, service differentiation is the way out to beat the competition. Options such as express or next day delivery help in creating instances of customer delight and build long term goodwill for the websites.

India’s leading door-to-door Express Distribution Specialist – TCI-XPS – is a division of $400 Million USD Group TCI and is well equipped to handle the diverse express delivery requirements such as domestic courier and international courier services. The company offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and rail with the widest branch network simply unmatched in the industry.

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