What started as a service being used by selective clients has today become an essential offering on which virtually the entire business world depends. Can you ever imagine a world where we can manage without courier or logistics companies for even a day? So crucial is the role played by courier companies.

There are many ways in which courier service can be viewed as being indispensable for the ‘world of business’ and the ‘world in general’ to survive.

An alternative to postal service: The advent of courier companies came as a refreshing break for business managers that were disgruntled with the government-led postal service. They were facing a situation where the service levels required by them simply could not be matched by postal services. Since they are mostly state owned and managed, postal services are often characteristic of delays and inefficiencies.

Speed of delivery: With the advent of concepts like express delivery and next day delivery, the courier service has come up the value curve and holds tremendous promise for time-sensitive business deliveries. In fact, the speed of delivery was one of the key pedestals on which the courier industry came into being.

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Delivers more than just letters: While in the beginning indeed it was purely letters and documents, today all kinds of things are sent through courier barring a few exceptions. Many export firms, for instance, courier their samples to overseas clients and buyers. Important products like SIM cards are being frequently sent to customers through courier.

E-Commerce: The entire online shopping depends on the courier and package delivery companies. All kinds of products ranging from mobile phones to large printers are being sent directly to customers’ homes. In fact, it is the online commerce industry that has given the biggest impetus to the logistics industry due to its high demands and requirements. There are online grocery stores offering door to door deliveries and you can get a high end smartphone delivered to you the very next day after your order. It has been researched that the success of major online shopping websites has been dependent on their logistics arms that enable their efficient deliveries. A customer’s experience in online shopping is not complete until the merchandise actually reaches his/her hands.

Security and accountability: More often than not, every merchandise being sent is precious either in monetary value or in the sense of its timeliness. From this angle, courier industry gave the much required assurance of security and accountability. Business managers are able to track their consignments at any time and reasonably expect a time-bound delivery.

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