Best Ways for Courier Companies to Move up the Customer Satisfaction Curve

Posted: May 6, 2015 in courier services, Express delivery services, Transportation and Logistics
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The competition in the courier services industry is ever increasing. This scenario is favourable for the end customers as the increase in competition creates more pressure on the vendors to offer better quality services.

Let us try to discuss a few ways through which courier and parcel delivery companies can enhance their customer service levels and offer improved product portfolio:

Safety: First and foremost, the customers demand and expect the safety of their consignment that is being sent. The material in the consignment needs to reach the intended recipient in good condition. This is the base expectation that a customer has while engaging a courier company.

Timeliness: The second most important expectation is adherence to the agreed time commitment. Majority of the parcels sent through courier companies are required to be sent on priority and within minimal time frames.

Express delivery: Most progressive courier companies are adopting the express delivery service model. Under this approach, the company charges a certain surcharge to deliver the consignment on priority. The timeline could be same day or the next business day. The express delivery service is very popular in online retail and especially in case of financial documents and bouquet delivery.

Tracking: Customers are often concerned about the exact status of their package. For this reason, it is important for the vendor to establish a “Track Consignment” functionality so that the customers are able to know in real time about the delivery status.


Special handling: The type and nature of consignment can vary at any time depending upon the customer type and situation. The package delivery company needs to be proficient enough to adapt itself to the any kind of product being delivered. At times, the product will require special handling and packaging. Then the question is that does the vendor have the expertise to handle diverse types of products and consignments? If the answer is yes, such vendors are able to demand higher levels of respect and credibility in the market.

Customer contact: Last but not the least, the quality of interaction provided by company contact centers also indicates the professional readiness of the courier company. There are many instances when a client needs to seek information for a package yet to be delivered or already booked. How well this interaction is handled affects the client satisfaction to a great level. It is important that the customer service agent communicates well and resolves all queries of the customer.

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