Trade and commerce in the world has depended on goods transportation and logistics since centuries. Even thousands of years ago, there used to be elaborate systems in place for the transit of goods from one part of the world to another through large boats and ships. That is how spices from India reached as far as Egypt and fine chinaware reached from China to other parts of the world.It is interesting to note that some fundamentals have not changed even across centuries when it comes to logistics services. For instance, there is this extreme dependency of business houses and investors who send their expensive merchandise through providers of logistics services. Secondly, there is a high level of risk undertaken by the vendors or providers.

What has however changed is the fact that there are far better transportation facilities and due to the economies of large scale, such services are within the reach even of smaller businesses and common man.

In fact, the most dynamic evolution of logistics services and express courier companies has been in terms of the service levels and customer service that they offer. Advanced technology and modern transportation systems have almost removed the risk from large distance logistics and have enabled providers to provide assured deliveries and timelines.

Logistics Companies in IndiaThis in turn has allowed businesses to be more confident of their merchandise reaching their consumers in good condition and within agreed time frames. Established vendors now have elaborate customer contact systems to provide real time status and updates on the package deliveries. This aspect has proved as a game changer for modern day businesses that sustain on keeping time commitments for their deliverables. Their trust on their courier and logistics vendors is further reflected in the trust that their consumers instill in their brand.

A key reason for this evolution is the sheer size and quantum of merchandise going to and fro across the world each day. Thousands of freight ships transport merchandise worth billions of dollars each day in the form of large containers. Similarly, a large amount of goods travel from one part of the world to another through large transport jets. While on a smaller scale, a great deal of express courier activity takes place within cities and states through general road transport providing convenience and benefit to millions of consumers the world over.There is a bright future ahead for the courier and logistics industry.

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