Domestic and International Courier Transportation in India

Posted: February 16, 2015 in courier services, Express delivery services, Transportation and Logistics

While it is seldom realized, courier companies and package delivery companies play a vital role in driving the economy. There was a time, when even the postal service was in its infancy. Then gradually it became professional and its network grew on a vast scale. Soon it became an indispensable support to the world of business.

However, it had its own limitations. Primary, the postal services in most countries are state owned. As a result, they suffered from lack of accountability and professionalism. Moreover, they were not able to provide the service dynamism and service differentiation that the business demands today.

This inherent weakness in postal services came as an opportunity for private courier companies. Some of them grew on almost a similar scale as a national postal service with their own fleet of land vehicles, transport jets and ships.

Among the industries that have been major clients for internal courier companies and package delivery companies is the banking industry. Across the last few decades, the service levels of banking industry have risen sharply. Today, this industry is duty-bound to deliver various consignments like cheque books, drafts, statements and credit cards to its customers in a safe and secure manner and within the committed time frame. In fact so critical is the role of time definite delivery companies, that the goodwill of banking companies depends a great deal upon their service levels.International Courier Services in India

In fact, this brings us to another important factor for this transition from conventional postal service to internal courier service. The latter is more enabled to form B2B liaisons and adhere to the committed SLAs. This aspect was traditionally missing from state owned postal services.

Another such industry is the telecom industry. Just imagine if you would have to wait for a few days to get your replacement SIM card. In today’s time, you can get the same delivered to your doorstep almost the very next day as long as you are residing in a major city.

However, if there is one industry that has given the most major boost to the trend of international courier services, it is online commerce. This is one industry that virtually sustains on the support provided by package delivery and eCom delivery services. In countries like India, for example, these two industries have grown together and have provided a service level wherein merchandise gets delivered the very next business day.

Along with the popularity and massive rise of online commerce, it is the package delivery industry that has grown in terms of professionalism and quality levels.

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