The current volume of online commerce happening today was unthinkable a decade earlier. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this massive success of eCommerce. Among these factors are efficient and robust door to-door delivery services that form the very backbone of online shopping concept.

A transaction on an online shopping website is not complete even when the merchandise reaches the customer premises. There are chances that he may not be fully satisfied with the quality received and may wish to return the same. Going further, this may need to be exchanged and so fresh merchandise will need to be delivered.

At each such point of customer service, the online portal depends on the service level provided by the third party logistics agency. This experience provided by the logistics provider can determine the success of the online portal to quite an extent.

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The important point here is that for the customer, all these services are represented by the online portal itself. Therefore each point of experience including delivery, pick up and exchange has a direct bearing on the goodwill and reputation of the online shopping website. This illustrates the high importance of the close coordination required between the logistics provider and the online retailer.

The sensitivity and importance of door to-door delivery services within the purview of eCommerce has led to an evolution of a new breed of professional logistics providers that have the expertise and capability to deliver high level of efficiencies. It depends on various factors like the manpower quality, IT backbone and the fleet quantum available to the logistics agency. It depends on the level of professionalism that how well the third party logistics provider can synergize with the overall service delivery of the online shopping website.

The road ahead seems all the more promising for this industry as they will continue to grow just as rapidly as the eCommerce industry. They are interlinked very closely and offer a collective service experience. The good part is that even other industries like banking and telecom also have a strong dependence on third party Courier & Logistics service providers. In these industries as well, the service commitments are very high and both parties need to work with great synergy to make sure that commitments are fulfilled and service levels are kept high. The future holds great promise for the delivery service companies and they can look forward to growing qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

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